Week of March 9th

Dear 4A Families

I hope you all had a nice weekend, despite the lost hour of sleep! The extra daylight hours are always nice, but the time change can throw off the sleep schedules a bit.    We begin the 3rd and final trimester of the year this week!  If you have not yet read the School Closure Information Letter (on blue paper) that was sent home last Friday, please check your child’s filer.  Also be sure that the packets and books we sent home are kept in a safe place.  The math books that come home each day must remain in your child’s  backpack so we have them at school everyday!  This is just a precautionary measure to be sure they have their book if we close suddenly.

Oral Biographies: I have created a form with time slots for your child to present his/her oral biography using this link to the Google Drive. If you are planning to come watch your child please use this form.  If you are not able to attend, I will let your child pick his/her day to present.  This is a checklist that I will be going over in class with the students of things to strive for when presenting. They will practice these skills when they present their mini bio posters in class as well. You should use this checklist at  as your children are practicing.  They do not have to do all of the items on the list, but they provide some good areas of focus as the presentations are being prepared. We have added new information to the Oral Biography page above and students will also come home with a hard copy.  The new information covers props and the grading rubric.  I will be scheduling another work day at school for the biographies next week.  More to come.

Spelling/LA :  There is no spelling test this week.  The list for next week will come home this Thursday. The students have been working hard on their mini bio posters in class. They will get a chance to practice presenting in the style of the big biography project when they share their posters in the “voice” of the person they wrote their report on.

Reading:  This week we will be reading a wonderful and emotional story called Train to Somewhere.  It is based on the Orphan Trains that ran from 1854 to 1929.  This story ties in with our Oregon Trail studies, and will help the students better appreciate the struggles and challenges faced by the children of this time in our history.

Math:  Last week, we took a test on long division. Ms. Benson and I are proud of the growth the students have made mastering the long division algorithm. It takes perseverance to master this challenging skill, and all of the students put in their best effort. Look for the graded tests in your child’s filer Monday. Next, we are moving on to fractions! Our first lessons will be reviewing factors, multiples, prime, and composite numbers.

Social Studies:  Be sure you child is reviewing each night for the River and Lake test that will be on March 12th.  They can use the online practice or use their study sheets have a parent quiz them.  We will wrap up our preparations for the Oregon Trail Simulation and then begin the journey!

Science: Last week, we started to explore our five senses through senses stations. Students were challenged to consider the inputs of each sense and where they travel through the nervous system and into the brain. Ask your child to identify the part of the brain responsible for processing each sense! This week, we will finish working through all five stations.

Homework: The bulk of homework time should be spent on the Oral Biography Presentations.  However there will be a few nights of math homework and the students should spend time learning the rivers and lakes.

Be sure to check your child’s filers for corrected tests and classwork. Filers should be cleaned out/organized as we start the new trimester. If you have not yet returned your report card envelope be sure you do so this week. Thank you!

Have a wonderful week everyone.  May the auction be successful on Saturday

and Happy St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday!