At Home Learning: Wednesday, March 25th

Dear 4A Families,

Happy Wednesday.  There will be a Zoom meeting today at 1:00. I will send out the link around noon.  You can sign up for a time for the Oral Biography Presentation with this link.  We will send out more specifics on the presentations next week. Thank you for putting up with all my technology challenges—I’m learning a lot of new things!!

Be sure you go to Ms. Corrigan’s page when you start the reading task for the day. She has a video to take the students through the lesson. the link is below.

Remember, there will be no new assignments posted for Friday, other than to take the Spelling Test on Spelling City.  Have a good day everyone.

Video from Ms. Simpson:Wednesday video

PDF check-off sheet of today’s lessons: Wednesday March 25 Check-off


What to do!

Reading 1

Reading Text/Anthology: 

**Please visit Ms. Corrigan’s site for a video to lead you through today’s  lesson.

  • You will learn the vocabulary.

  • Vocabulary is on pages 226-227. There is a sentence with each word that gives context clues. Read each blue word, sounding out the words. Breaking the words into parts or syllables often helps.

  • Determine how many syllables there are in each word (you can clap them out, slap them out by tapping on your arms, or “feel them” by placing your hands under your chins and counting how many times your mouth opens for a vowel sound/syllable.)

  • You should refer to the glossary at the back of the anthology (pg. G1) to check and see if you are correct.


Wednesday Packet work:

(The 2-page packet with the border on the front page, a title of “Lesson 8 Skill Review” and a drawing of a paint brush and palate): Packet spelling 

  • Complete the vocabulary (top of pg. 1) and spelling (bottom of pg. 1)  sections on the front page of the packet. Leave the rest of the packet for later in the week.

  • Preview the target skill “understanding characters” and the topic: “Visual Arts”: read the short section on pgs. 228-229.

Reading 2

20 minutes silent reading: Read a chapter book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.


Lesson 6: Compare and Order Fractions (pages 517-522)

  • Read and complete pages 517-520

  • There are Khan Academy lessons that might help with factors and multiples if you need them:

  • Teacher Tip! Parents, your child might need some extra help with this one! The idea of a least common multiple is a difficult concept to grasp. Here’s a video on LCM:

    • Here’s a helpful way to find the Least Common Multiple (LCM). Write each denominator separately. Then, write out the first 10 multiples of each of the denominators. Circle all of the multiplies that are the same for the 2 denominators. The smallest number that you circled is the LCM. (Use the images below to help.)


This is the same as yesterday–if you already did this you are done!

Chapter 3: Pages 93-102 

These activities need to be completed by Friday.  Split them up how it best works for you. If you did them yesterday you are done!

Complete the online review of Chapter 3 below

Language Arts

  • Spelling: Review words for the spelling test: Lesson 8

    • Use Spelling City

Ongoing things to work on ANY time. These tasks are not due today. None of these have to be done TODAY.

  • Oral Biography Sign up for your presentation with this email Ms. Simpson sent yesterday.

  • Freckle assignments

  • Xtra Math

  • Scholastic News

  • Science PLTW Activity 3: The Brain in Action (complete by Friday, 3/27)

  • Practice Memorare

  • Practice Recorders

  • Visit Mrs. Helling’s art site and complete an art project (optional)